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Why Therapy?

Health, Healing, Happiness

  • Sometimes all hell is breaking loose.

  • Sometimes life just isn’t going the way you thought it would.

  • Sometimes you wake up, look around and know the time has come for things to change.

Therapy is not just for impossible situations. It’s for those times when you are low on ideas, energy or hope but you aren’t ready to give up. Times when you are ready for something new. Working with a trained professional is not unusual. We go to mechanics, work out with coaches, love tech support. I am trained to help people sort out a tangle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that aren’t making them satisfied. 


  • Relieves depression

  • Soothes anxiety

  • Strengthens communication skills

  • Improves stress management

  • Removes roadblocks

  • Supports health

Above all, it helps you reach your goals.


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I wish that I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz

Fact vs. Fiction

There are a lot of “alternative truths” about therapy:

Myth: Therapy is for weaklings.
Fact: Actively seeking change requires (and produces) courage and strength.

Myth: I will be stuck in therapy forever.
Fact: CBT therapy tends to be short-term and solution-focused.

Myth: It's going to be painful.
Fact: We tend to laugh quite a lot.

Myth: I should be able to figure this out on my own.
Fact: When you have tried all the strategies you know it's logical to look around for more.